Coupons for Match Play at the Casino

How to Use Match Play Coupons

For the table games, a match play coupon is used. Different dollar amounts may be available with the match play coupons. Specific coupons may offer two for one, three for two, or seven to five discounts. Most importantly, vouchers can only be used on even-money wagers like blackjack, the pass line in craps, red and black, odd, or even on the roulette wheel. When you put in a bet and use a match play coupon, you are reimbursed for both your chance and the value of the coupons when you win.

As an illustration, you would wager $10 plus the coupon if you were playing blackjack and had a $10 match play coupon. You would get $20 if you won the hand; $10 for your initial wager, and $10 for the match play voucher. If you were using a $7/5 coupon, you would wager $5 in addition to the coupon and receive $7 if you were successful—two dollars for the coupon and five dollars for your initial wager.

Provide a Win

We went on a shore excursion to a casino in San Juan while I was on a cruise. Each of us received a $25 match play voucher. Even if they had a match-play ticket, some members of my group had never played the table games and were unwilling to wager $25 on a single hand. I demonstrated to them how two players might place a wager to net them at least $4, but probably $12, by pooling their $25 vouchers. What you do is as follows.

Coupons for Match Play at the Casino
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