“The online casino players know it best that the losses are always an investment into experience when they are in limits of focus and continued patient play and don’t get into the arena of desperation.”

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“Online Casino games have opened doors to manage crowds in numbers of millions as against a land casino limited by the size and capacity of investments.”

During the last few years Satellite Tournaments are becoming more and more popular. Participating in these tournaments, instead of cash prize, you receive a seat at larger tournaments.
Sit & Go Tournaments are single table tournaments, in which up to ten poker players can participate. These online tournaments begin when all seats are filled and
Every beginner in Texas Holdem poker needs to play for free first in order to learn the rules, starting hands and basic strategy of the game.


“Sometimes it’s just passion and addiction to stimulate your mind with probability and chance taking rather than decision making and putting a plan to life that sends you playing hours at a casino.” 

“Desperation is the enemy of all success in online casino games. The real way out is to ensure you stay patient, get the rules right and accept that it won’t be a sunny day any time soon.”


Bryn Kenney (US): $55.5 million

“Online Casino games have opened doors to manage crowds in numbers of millions as against a land casino limited by the size and capacity of investments.”


Justin Bonomo (US): $45 million

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“More people playing with smaller budgets doesn’t mean more winners. It still means winning is for long standing players with bigger risks and patience for rewards.”

A life without casino is like a body without a soul.

Welcome to  wagering Buddy! oftentimes people that are stressed, needs their minds to be cleared and what else? of course to WIN BIG goes to a casino. I am one of those people.. and I created this site to guive you guys a little help to win BIG!


“It’s self-discipline and greater self-control to play safe, play right, play for fun and come back home with still filled pockets in the night.”


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How to Bet on Casino Sports Betting and Wagering

Sports gambling or wagering refers to the use of the bet in the form of a wager to any sort of sporting event, game or race. The term can also cover other events where bettors can place their bets but do not include polo matches and horse races. In the United States, professional sports teams are very popular places for people to place bets on games. This is because the teams have a large following and their fans are passionate about the team and even more so when they are winning.

Although there is widespread use of wagering and casino sports betting in the world of professional sport betting, it is not uncommon to find local gamblers who also place their bets on boxing, basketball, football, baseball and hockey. Online gambling sites have become very popular over the past few years because this has allowed many people from all walks of life to place their bets conveniently from the comfort of their own home. This has greatly increased the number of people who are willing to engage in online casino sports betting.

There are two types of wagering that you can make use of when you are participating in online casino sports betting. First is the form of wagering that is called progressive wagering on leovegas anmeldelse. In this case, you will be paying a higher amount of money per bet as you gradually collect more points. As you win, you will be able to accumulate more points and your chances of winning will increase. When you lose, you will be charged off and you will have to forfeit the winnings.

In this type of wagering, you will receive bets in relation to the performance of the team that you are placing a bet on. If for instance, you are placing a bet on the Miami Heat to win the Eastern Conference, you will receive bets in relation to how well the Heat perform against the Boston Celtics in the series. You will also receive bets in regard to how the Miami Heat will do against the Toronto Maple Leafs in the series.

The second form of wagering involves per bet. In this case, you will be given a certain amount of money per bet. Once the game has started, you will be able to accumulate points form your wins and losses. You will only be able to accumulate so many points before the series ends. You will need to wait until the series is over before you are allowed to make a final bet against the team that you are associated with.

Most people who participate in online sports wagering prefer to wager on games that they are familiar with. You can choose to bet on a game that you have played many times or you may prefer to bet on a team that has never been in a losing streak before. The information that you provide in your profile will allow you to narrow down your choices. You may also choose to place your bets on a team without knowing much about it or you may choose to place your bets on a team that has never won a cup or a league before.

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