Texas Holdem Satellite Tournaments

During the last few years Satellite Tournaments are becoming more and more popular. Participating in these tournaments, instead of cash prize, you receive a seat at larger tournaments. Taking part in Satellite Tournaments, many Texas Holdem players win seats at World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour. This kind of tournaments is also a qualifier for the large online Texas Holdem tournaments. Usually all Texas Holdem Satellite Tournaments start when 9 poker players are seated at the table and it means that this Online Satellite Poker Tournaments is a single-table tournament. But there is one difference between Satellite Tournaments and the other single-table tournaments – in Satellites only the winner takes the whole prize and there are no second and third place prizes.

If you already have a seat in a multi-table tournament, but you win more than one Satellite Tournament, you will receive the cash value of the seat because you are not allowed to win two seats for the multi-table tournament.

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When there are only 2 hours to the multi-table tournament final, no Satellite Tournament will begin. In case when the Satellite qualifier has not finished until the start of the multi-table tournament, the winner in this Satellite will take the cash value of the seat.

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There are three types of Satellite Tournaments – Winner-Takes-All, Low Buy-in and High Buy-in Satellites and every Texas Holdem player needs to know what type of tournament is the most appropriate for him.

1) Winner-Takes-All Satellites – as the name of this Satellite Tournament shows, your aim here is to become the winner and take everything. You have to accumulate all the chips in order to win a seat in larger tournament. Playing in Winner-Takes-All Satellites you have to be sit and go texas holdem and not to be afraid even to go all-in. Remember that your goal is to win all the chips, so the aggressive play will help you to do that in this kind of Satellite Tournaments.

2) Low Buy-in Satellites – to enter these Satellite Tournaments it will cost you around $100 to $200. Participating in Low Buy-in Satellites your goal is to be one of the top 10 poker players. Hundreds of Texas Holdem players may participate in these Satellites, but only the first 10 win seats in larger tournaments. In the later rounds of the Low Buy-in tournament you will need to win as more chips as you can, which means to increase the size of your stack if you do not want to be eliminated.

3) High Buy-in Satellites – these are Satellite Tournaments with buy-ins of $500 or more. In the High Buy-in Satellites there is one winner per twenty texas holdem freeroll tournaments, which means that many Texas Holdem players could win a place in the larger tournaments. In the High Buy-in Satellites your main goal is to keep an above-average stack. In order to achieve this you will need to play patiently and not so aggressively.

Texas Holdem Satellite Tournaments
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