Poker Games

Making your initial move can be tricky, and you might not want to risk your own money immediately if you haven’t played before. To help you get a feel for the game, we provide a variety of free games.

How to play free poker online

Play money is only at stake at our free tables, and you can always receive additional chips when your supply runs out! It’s a great way to study the game and fine-tune your online approach, and thousands of people do just that every day.

Sign up for a new account by downloading our free poker software if you’re ready to play. Once you’ve created a Stars ID and password, you’ll be asked to validate your email address. To participate in our free games, you must first complete your registration.

Ring games and tournaments are the two primary types of online poker games. Ring games are a form of the game that may be started and stopped at any time, making them a classic. If a player loses all of their chips, they can re-buy or re-entering the game with a new bankroll (and have more in reserve). In most cases, tournaments begin at a predetermined time or when a particular number of participants have signed up. When players run out of chips in a tournament, they are eliminated until only one winner remains. To determine the overall winner, a pot of money equal to the sum of all players’ buy-ins is divided among the players who last the longest.

Open the software and choose the ‘Play Money’ option to try out our free games. Finally, select the game you wish to play. Take a seat at a ring game table, and you’ll get a free top-up if you run out of play money chips.

Both real money and virtual currency are available.

Our first-deposit bonus allows you to play for real money if you like, and there are many alternatives and games to choose from when playing with play money. Just access the ‘Cashier’, and you’ll be able to see your current balance in both real and virtual currency.

Our games and tournaments are available in both free and real money versions.

Most of the special features at our regular tables are also available at our free tables, so you’ll taste everything we have to offer by playing at our play money tables.

Our free Poker School may help you improve your game, no matter how experienced you are.

With daily Freeroll poker tournaments, you can win money for free.

In addition to free poker games, you may win free money every day in our various freerolls, free poker tournaments where you can play for real money. Taking part in these free poker tournaments allows you to win real money – and it’s all yours. To locate freerolls, use the ‘Buy-in’ filter on the ‘Tournaments tab’ (desktop) or the ‘Tourney tab’ (mobile) in the Lobby.

Once you’ve mastered the software and the various games, you’ll be ready to try your luck with real money. Start practising right away by downloading our free programme. There’s only one location to play when games are launching every second.

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