How to Play Online Roulette

Game Objective and Rules:

The objective of Roulette is simple: Guess which number the ball will rest on. Granted, with 37 (0-36) different numbers (38 if Playing the Double Zero American version) to choose from, getting the objective done is more of a complex task, which all depends on the type of wagers made, and of course, some luck.

Obviously, the odds are not so great on picking one correct number. However, betting that a black or red number will come up, has a lot more potential of winning. Of course, the payout will not be as play craps online free, but that’s gambling for you. In total, there are 12 different bets you can make at the Roulette table (give or take a few, depending on the game version).

Game Setup and Playing Mode:

Immediately below is a still capture of a Roulette playing interface (European version). The American version looks exactly the same but with the addition of a double zero (00) and minus the neighbor bets section (oval layout of numbers near the top). Simply click on the denomination chip(s) for the bet amount the bet amount to be wagered (click on the bet stack to remove chips), then click on the corresponding area of the table to place your bet. Notice the box in the left-hand corner of the playing screen, signifying the minimum and Play Online Roulette wager amounts, depending on the type of bet (see above). After all bets are made (you can make several for each spin), simply click the SPIN button and watch the wheel spin. After the ball has settled, a chess-like piece will be placed on the winning number and all bets will be paid.

how to play roulette

As there are so many available bets on the Roulette table, online Roulette software uses interactive signals to let you know which bets can be made. Simply run the mouse over the board and corresponding wagers will become highlighted (see examples below). The process play roulette online free is entirely user-friendly and intuitive – Place the mouse within a box to make that particular bet, on a line between two numbers, on a mutual shared corner between four numbers, etc.

roulette step 2

In the above example (corner bet), the mouse was pointing on the mutual corner between the numbers 13,14,16 and 17. Notice these four numbers highlighted with the pop-up box showing the covered numbers, odds and max bet.

roulette step 3

For this wage (Dozens Bet on the 1st Twelve), the mouse was pointing on the “1st 12” box. Note the corresponding highlighted numbers with a pop-up box showing the odds and max bet.

roulette step 4

For this Split bet covering 1 and 4, the cursor was place on the line immediately between these two numbers.

roulette step 5

This is a Six Line (Double Street) bet made by placing the cursor on the corner between the 9 and 12.

How to Play Online Roulette
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