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One of the quickest and easiest ways to start playing free roulette is at an online casino offering a fun-money software platform, which needless to say, is generally always available at most real money online casinos. A simple game to learn, roulette consists of betting on the outcome of a metal ball spun inside a roulette wheel.

Once all bets have been made in the corresponding areas of the table (Online Roulette), the ball is spun around on a track in the opposite direction of a spinning wheel with numbered pockets. Where the ball settles, determines the outcome of all wagers on the table.

Looking at a roulette table, you will see that there are a number of ways that you can bet, ranging from colored single numbers to various groupings of numbers. The image below is a screen shot of a free roulette game offered at an online casino. Note the fun balance.

roulette free

To begin understanding the betting table you need to know the basics about the wheel.

An American Roulette wheel has thirty eight pockets. Two pockets are green, and the rest are split evenly between red and black. The two green pockets are labeled 0 and 00. The other thirty six numbers are distributed randomly between the red and black pockets.

Bets fall into one of two categories: inside and outside. This refers to where your chips go on the betting table. Bets that are made inside the grid of numbers, meaning all single number bets, or small groupings of numbers, are inside bets.

But you will also notice that there are betting spaces located outside the number grid. These spaces are for betting on whole columns, a color, all the odd or even numbers, sets of play craps online free or sets of eighteen. These are all outside bets.

Inside bets have higher payout, but they are riskier. Outside bets are less risky but offer lower payouts.

Differences in Roulette:

The actual playing of roulette online is no different than playing at a land-based casino. Obviously, the social interaction found at land based casinos will not be found when playing online since it is just you and the croupier – That is, of course, unless you are playing at a multi-player version of online roulette or live dealer online roulette, both of which can be found at select online casinos.

As is the case with all online casino games, it is important to keep in mind that the speed of play is generally faster than land-based roulette. The amount of time it takes for the dealer to clear the board, other players to make bets and the ball to settle in the spinning wheel is much greater than a betting round of online roulette. While this doesn’t matter so much when playing free roulette with fun-money, it’s always a good idea to take your time playing online roulette.

One of the major pro’s of playing internet roulette over land-based casino roulette is that the playing screen display’s all of the recently hit numbers. Those roulette players who seek to find patterns or other number tells, have an easier way to keep track of everything with the convenience of free roulette software.

The main difference in roulette is within the game itself – found between the American and European versions. The American wheel has thirty-eight pockets whereas the European wheel only has thirty-seven (sans a “double zero” wager), and this difference in one pocket has a big effect on your odds. American Roulette carries a house edge of 5.26% while European only carries 2.7%. That brings us to some free Roulette Tips you should know about:

Roulette Tips:

  • Always play European Roulette. The House Edge is lower than American Roulette, and this alone should be reason enough to stick to playing European Roulette.
  • Don’t put stock into biased wheels or software systems. Some Roulette players believe that land-based roulette wheels can be mechanically biased and favor certain outcomes. This concept isn’t so much purported for online roulette, however there are plenty of “money-back guarantee” tutorials that will try to tell you otherwise. Betting systems are often associated with roulette, and players should think twice about paying money to learn those systems billed as “secrets”.
  • If you want to incorporate strategy into roulette, avoid making inside bet. As mentioned, these are more risky and come with a higher house edge than outside bets. Try sticking with 2-1 bets, such as the column bets. That way you have a better shot of winning a little with much less risk.
  • If you are tempted by the prospects of a roulette system and are dead bent on giving it a try, do so playing free roulette at an online casino offering fun money play. Only after giving the system a run several times over, all the while keeping tight records of your betting results, should you consider putting it to use on a real money online roulette table.
Play Roulette Online Free
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