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Online bingo is nothing like your grandmother’s bingo hall. In fact, many online bingo rooms of today are apropos to the hip and flashy online casinos and poker rooms better known to attract the “younger” crowd. In other words, online bingo isn’t just for the snow birds. Diversity and social interaction is indeed one of the primary elements that turn curious online bingo speculators into loyal bingo fans. Coupled with regular promotions, tournaments and free bonus money, there are plenty of good reasons to play online bingo and begin racking up comp points.

Game Objective and Rules:

The objective of bingo is to form a pre-specified pattern of seventy-five or ninety called alpha-numbers on a bingo card before another player does. Generally, it takes five alpha-numbers to win a game, however, depending on the type of bingo game and card pattern, this may vary. So, how does one go about forming such a winning card? The short answer (and actually, the only answer) is to get lucky. Of course, there is the theory that you could play more online bingo cards on a single draw to increase your odds, but as stated earlier, bingo is purely a game of chance.

How to Play Online Bingo:

A game is played by first purchasing a number of online bingo cards (either in bulk or singularly), then playing one or more cards on a game. Depending on the speed of the calls and how fast a winner is hit, games can last from a few seconds to five minutes. Granted, all online bingo rooms operate by a timed schedule, so there is often overlap downtime between games. Most bingo rooms offer quick “chat room” games, and even side games like casino slots, blackjack and video poker to keep players entertained, not to mention spending more money, between and during bingo games.

As is the case with most online games, the speed of play is much faster than any land-based version. Still – all things considered – online bingo is a slower paced game, thus affording you the opportunity for more social interaction while you play online bingo. And the best bingo rooms certainly cater to social interaction, staffing full-time moderators whose job it is to keep things fun and cordial, while handing out free money and bonuses to active players. In fact, bingo chat room moderators are so important, the leading bingo room review sites give out awards recognizing the Best Chat Moderators.

The online bingo card either consists of a five-by-five grid of twenty-five numbers (75-ball bingo) corresponding to the the letters B, I, N, G, O. or a nine-by-three card with twenty-seven corresponding grids (Play Bingo Online) As winning alpha-numbers are called, the software will automatically update each played card, tracking the cards’ progress toward winning. Any matches will be updated on the card itself. This is done by highlighting or shading the slot, which will reveal the particular pattern(s). While patterns online blackjack for money be just about anything these days, the are generally 1, 2 or 3-line, (one, two or three lines of adjacent alpha-numbers on the bingo card grid) – or to take things even easier – all the alpha-numbers are covered. This is called Blackout Bingo or Coverall.

One of the greatest advantages of playing online is that when multiple cards have been played on a single game (from 2 to 90 or more, depending on the room and game), the software has a sort-order function that places the cards closest to hitting BINGO at the front of the playing online bingo for money. In this way, players are more in tune with the anticipation of winning. As many players are synced into the same game at once, when a winner is obtained, all screens will be updated in real time and winnings will be paid out. If no winner is obtained by the time all of the balls have been drawn (75 or 90), all player’s cards are returned and can be played on another game.

Play Bingo Online
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