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Generally speaking, the betting interface at online keno is the same for different software platforms. However, the look and feel of the game can vary. For example, in the game displayed below. there is no actual animation of balls being drawn during the course of play, whereas in Microgaming Software’s version of online keno, an animation of flying balls is employed to show which numbers on the keno card have been hit. In the end, most players do not have a preference, other than getting the best payout possible.

Regarding payout, note in the still captures below the left-hand column that says “HITS PAYOUTS”. This is the payout table for the specific number of picks selected. As you will see, the more numbers selected, the greater the payout. This is simply because the odds of hitting less numbers is greater than hitting more.

Free Keno Games No Download:

Immediately below is a still capture of the online keno offered at an RTG internet casino. For the first example, 10 numbers/spots were selected (which is done by either clicking directly on the number or selecting the QUICK PICK button on the betting interface. Note the white numbers (Bingo Online) and yellow numbers (hits) on the number grid. In both examples, $2 was won. However, the ten-number card paid for five hits, while the five-number card paid for three hits. Note the corresponding Hits/Payout column for each. Immediately below this column, note the corresponding numbers in the BET box. In the first example, five $1 cards/rounds were played (selecting the PLAY 5 button), while ten cards/rounds were played in the second example.

Ten Numbered Keno Card with a Play 5 wager ($5):

keno card $5 wager

Five Numbered Keno Card with a Play 10 Wager ($10):

keno card $10 wager

Keno Objective and Rules:

Much like the lottery, the objective of keno is to correctly guess as many matching numbers/hits as possible. Anywhere from 1 to ten numbers can be chosen. As mentioned, by clicking the “Quick Pick” button, the software will randomly pick ten numbers. Once the numbers are chosen and the Play Button is selected, the game is in play and the software will begin drawing 20 numbers per card/round according to the Keno Free Keno Game. When all the rounds/cards have been played, the playing online bingo for money table will update accordingly and any winnings will be paid out. Whether one, five or ten numbers is selected will make no difference on the odds of winning. Of course, the more numbers drawn, the greater the chances any one of them will become a hit. However, the more numbers selected, the lower the payout.

Play Free Keno Online
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