Blackjack Mini Glossary

Anyone who plays casino games, especially the land-based variety, has probably noticed that these games have a certain lingo that goes along with them.  This is also the case with online game play and even some of the books you may read about casino games.  Each game has its own specific lingo and if you’re a newbie, it can make for a rather frustrating experience.  Blackjack is a big hit in both real-world and online casinos, so if this is your game, you will want to check out this short glossary on some of the most common terminology.


Blackjack First and foremost, blackjack equates to 21 and represents the object of the game. If your cards add up to 21, a blackjack normally pays out 3 to 2 unless the dealer also hits.

Bust – In the game of blackjack, a bust means that your cards total over 21. For some players, it could also refer the complete loss of your bankroll. Hopefully you wont have to use the term in this regard too many times.

Break – This is often used interchangeably with the term bust.

Counting This describes the process of keeping up with the number of 10 point cards remaining in the desk. The main purpose of counting is for a player to raise their bet when the deck is rich with 10 point cards, a strategy that works in your favor.

Double Often referred to as double-down, a double is when you couple an additional bet with your original bet. Because it is like playing an additional online slot machines, a double can greatly improve your chances of winning.

Double for Less If you don’t have enough in your bankroll to go a full double, you can take the next best option and double for less. This means you put up a wager in between a half bet and a full bet to get an additional card.

Five Card Charlie This describes a situation when you draw five cards without busting. In some variations of blackjack, a five card Charlie qualifies as an automatic win and bigger payout as Blackjack terms.

Hard Hand

This refers to a hand that can result in a bust if hit. It generally describes any hand worth 12 points or more that does not include an Ace.

Insurance – If the dealer is showing an ace, insurance gives you the option to put up an additional half wager that the dealer has 21. If the dealer indeed has blackjack, you break even on the hand. If not, you lose half the bet and play proceeds normally.

Soft Hand – This refers to a hand that cant be busted with an extra card; more specifically, any hand with a total of 11 or lower, or any two-card combo that contains an online slots with wild symbols.

Spanish 21 This a version blackjack with the 10 cards removed. As you have probably guessed, Spanish 21 is a rule that favors the house but usually has a higher payout.

Wonging Named after pro blackjack player Stanford Wong, Wonging describes the act of watching a blackjack game and then entering the game when the point count is in your favor. This is something you want to be very cautious with when playing in a real-world casino.

Blackjack Mini Glossary
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