Online Slots with Wild Symbols

Similar to many other casino games, the wild symbol in slots can serve as a substitute for another symbol to give you a winning combination. More than any other, slots are games centered around specific themes. In many cases the wild symbol is usually the theme’s most important symbol and therefore, a key aspect to the overall game.

Wilds and Multipliers

A large majority of the online slots games you encounter have wilds that also act as multipliers. When this symbol is used to round out a winning combination, the payout for that combination is multiplied. For example, in the popular online slots game T-Rex, the T-Rex is the wild and this symbol payouts double. In this same game, five of the Stegosaurus symbols in a play slots online free payouts out a total of 5,000 coins. If you have four of these symbols along with the T-Rex wild, you are then paid out 10,000 coins. The multiplier quantum is fixed with most casino slots games. This means that the wild symbol multiplies payouts based on a fixed amount regardless of the number of wilds used to form the winning combination. However, you also have slots games in which the multiplier depends on the number of wilds that show up in he winning combination.

Types of Wilds

Some online slots games have wild symbols that are designed to add to the excitement of the game. These are games that incorporate a number of different wild symbols. The most common of these symbols is the stacked wild. When this symbol is displayed, all the symbols in each reel become wilds. If these symbols show up in reels one or two, big payoffs are often the result as the number of winning Wild Symbols in Online Slots gives you a simultaneous hit.

The expanding wild symbol is another type of wild commonly found online casino slots games. Similar to the example above, this is another case where the entire reel is filled with a wild symbol. However, these symbols are not displayed individually as is the case with the stacked wild. Instead, the wild expands to cover the reel as a single symbol, hence the name, expanding wild.

One of the newest type of wilds incorporated into online casino slots is the exploding wild. With this variant, various other symbols are randomly converted into wilds for only a single given spin. This wild symbol is an integral part of the Call of Duty 4 slots game, where the conversion is followed by an explosion, thus the name, exploding wild The T-Rex game has exploding wilds but the online slot machines works in a different manner. For example, the T-Rex eats every other dinosaur on the reel and then turns them into wild symbols.

When it comes to online slots games, the wild symbol is your friend. In many types of slots, they are able to trigger bonus rounds to help you obtain extra credits and additional winnings. Whether it is a stacked, expanding or exploding type, the wild is one symbol you definitely want to see one your computer screen quite frequently.

Online Slots with Wild Symbols
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