Win Real Money with Online Slot Machines

Just as you will find banks of slot machines in the land-based casino, online slots make up the largest offering available at online casinos. They are the bread winner for the casino, and for a small percentage of players, are a life changer. Online slot machines – especially those with real money progressive jackpots – can pay off nicely. How nicely? Let’s just say that online gamblers have walked away from the slots as millionaire’s on more than one occasion. And therein lies one of the keys to winning at the slots – knowing when to walk away. The fact of the matter is that real money slot machines come with a high House Edge. They can eat up a bankroll in a matter of seconds, yet can just as quickly multiply a bankroll with a single spin.

When searching out an online casino to play slot machines at, it’s important to pay close attention to the payout percentage. The reason being is that casinos do not divulge the odds of winning on individual machines. The bottom line is that the edge on slots can hover around 20% in the favor of the casino. That’s almost to par with Keno and other lottery-style games. In fact, winning a large progressive jackpot is apropos to winning the lottery. Although it is true that lower stakes machines equate to worse odds (the higher denomination machine, the higher the payout), bettors will do less damage to their bankroll over the long haul playing online slots with lower stakes. This is bankroll management 101.

Play Real Money Slots

Essentially then, one of the best things a gambler can do to ensure they are getting the best odds playing online slot machines for real money is to verify the payout percentage, which is the average payout measured over a period of time – usually a single calendar month. Although it does not even guarantee the current month will even return a figure in the same neighborhood, it does provide a track record – so to speak – of what should be expected on the player’s end. Again, not every online casino is as transparent as they could be, and some do not openly disclose payouts. However, of those that do, the best online casinos will return slots payouts of at least 95%. What this means is that for all the wagers made at the Play Real Money Slots, at least 95% is paid back to the players. That doesn’t necessarily mean every player will get 95% of his or her wagers back. In fact, most will not. However, some players will get back even more – especially those lucky enough to hit a multi-million progressive jackpot, whose odds of doing so are in the neighborhood of 1 in 5 million.

Top Online Slot Tips

One good tip for playing online slot machines for real money is to have a game plan ahead of time – Meaning, you should decide not only how much you want to bet, but also what your purpose is for playing in the first place. Most slots players want to make their bankroll last as long as possible and hopefully win some money in the process. Other players don’t care about small payouts and are only after the big jackpot. For these players, it is best to play progressive online slot machines. For everyone else, it is best to play regular slots with wagers on the lower end.

Betting the minimum allows your money to last longer, albeit you will not make as much money on each winning combination. Depending on what your bankroll is, a good rule of thumb to follow for picking your coin size is to give yourself at least 200 coins per playing session. For a $200 bankroll, this would amount to a $1 wager. Just remember to pace yourself, as slot machine move really, really fast. Especially in the beginning, take your time to understand why each bet loses or pays out, and from which payline your wins come play slots online free. If unsure, consult the paytable, as this will designate paylines with colors, not to mention winning symbol combinations.

For those players who are after a huge jackpot and are playing progressive online slot machines, it’s advised to bet the maximum number of coins. While it’s not reasonable for most players to bet the max coin amount, max number of coins and max number of paylines on a single spin (which can amount to a single wager worth hundreds of dollars on some of the larger video slots available), it is advised to at least max out a single payline. That way, if the progressive jackpot is triggered on a live payline, the full payout will be made, which is considerably more than otherwise. Even if you get the correct combination for the jackpot, you will only receive the full jackpot if you bet the maximum. If you bet anything less, you will only receive a much smaller percentage of the jackpot. And noone wants to hit a progressive jackpot worth millions, only to find out the actual win is worth a few hundred dollars since the maximum number of coins and denomination wasn’t play online roulette. Keep in mind that progressive online slot machines are the ultimate in high risk-high reward gambling, and should never be played with scared money.

That said, the Number 1 Tip all slots players should remember – and all manner of bettors, at that – is to never gamble with money or credit lines that cannot be afforded. If losing an amount of money could even potentially cause a hardship for you, do not wager it. All casino games, including slots, have odds that favor the online casino, which means that you are more likely to lose money than to win it. Therefore, before starting to play online slot machines for real money, set aside a specific amount that you can afford to lose, and do not bet anything over said losing limit, no matter what happens.

Win Real Money with Online Slot Machines
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