Choosing the right online casino

As online casino gambling grows in leaps and bounds, the fine art of choosing the best casino at which you will wager your hard earned money becomes harder and harder. Finding the best online casino is a major part of the enjoyment of gambling online. Choosing the wrong casino can lead to frustration, delays in payment or outright loss of ones money. The goal is to enhance the gamblers experience and find the best place to gamble.

This article will help you select casinos that have exciting games, clearly written rules, fast and simple payment terms, and 24/7 customer support. There are several things that the gambler can and must do to help them choose the ideal online casinos.

Know with whom you are dealing

When choosing the best online casinos, it is important to know who you are dealing with; who owns the casino and who has licensed the casino. By using the resources available to you on, you can find out who owns the online casino and also the jurisdiction that licensed the casino. There are several recognized
international gambling jurisdictions and it is important that the casino where you gamble is in one of the legitimate jurisdictions. By using the information we provide and if you wish, by supplementing this information with a web search, you can get very through details on the casino. Also, by reading our users comments on the casinos listed on, you can get a sense of what kind of experiences our users have had with the casinos you are considering. This can also be supplemented by a web search using Choose the Right Online Casino like Blacklisted Casinos to find out which casinos to avoid.

Make my games exciting please

Once you have determined that the online casino you are considering is owned by a legitimate company and is licensed by a trusted gaming jurisdiction, what next? Excitement is the name of the game in gambling and online casinos are no exception. Online casino games are run by software or by java or flash applications. Games run by software require you to install a program on your computer in order to play a game while java or flash applications allow you to play as soon as you have signed up on the casinos site. Software based games offer better and more exciting graphics and display options. The choice is yours as to whether you want super slick, software based graphics for your games or fast, easy to load java and flash based play free keno online. Which ever you choose, make sure that you test out the games and that they run properly on your computer before gambling your hard earned money.

Another suggestion is to check the listing for the developer of the software used by an online casino you are considering. Find an online casino that uses software made by a company with a proven track record for developing popular, easy to use gambling software.

Gamblers like perks

Obviously, when you gamble online you usually cant get perks such as free rooms or free shows so online casinos offer FREE MONEY BONUSES as the primary perk for online gamblers. Online casinos offer gamblers signup bonuses in extra money to gamble with to add to the money the gambler initially deposits to their account and may also offer bonuses for replenishing the funds in the gamblers account. After you have verified that the online casino you are considering is owned by a responsible company, that the casino is in a legitimate gaming jurisdiction and has exciting games to play, you should have a short list of casinos. Look up the casinos on your list in the Total Bonus section. There you will find casinos listed by bonuses offered and may even find more casinos to add to your list of choices. (Of course you should never select a casino based only on the bonuses offered so be sure to verify all the other information as we have suggested.)

When it comes to what advantages are offered by online casinos, the ability to play the games they offer with Play Money before you gamble with real money is what many experts feel is the biggest advanatge of gambling online. By playing with play money first, the gambler is offered a unique opportunity to learn not only the specific game but the pace and feel of gambling online. Gambling online has a different pace and feel than gambling in land based casinos and the gambler should never pass up an opportunity to play first with play money. Playing with play money also offers the gambler a chance to hone their skills at a specific game before risking real money. Make sure any online casino you are considering gambling at offers the feature of playing with play money.

Another factor to be considered when choosing an online casino is to make sure the casino offers proper and fair odds on your bets without excessive fees. The odds should be regulated by the Bingo Online gaming jurisdiction of your online casino and there should be no hidden fees attached. The gambler should be aware, however, that almost every casino will have some restrictions on the withdrawal of money won with bonus money. This may take the form of time limits or a minimum amount of games played before one can cash in bonus winnings. Make sure to find out what these rules are and make sure you feel they are fair by comparing them to other casinos listed.

Show me the money

Next on the list of considerations for choosing an online casino are the terms applied by the casinos towards the deposit of your money and how you are paid when you withdraw your winnings or your balance from your account. What methods of deposit are offered by an online casino? The gambler needs to know if they can use, for example, Mastercard, Visa, Wire Transfers from your bank, Western Union, Echeck, or one of several other methods. Read the terms of deposit on the online casinos
website and make sure there are no unexpected delays in being able to access your deposited money and that there are no hidden fees. No one wants to wait a week before they can gamble with their own money so it is important to know when you can actually access your deposit and use it to gamble.

These considerations also apply to how you are paid by the online casino. The gambler should be absolutely clear about how they can withdraw their balance and/or winnings; what time limits will apply and what minimum balance must remain to keep their account open. The gambler should also know if there are any fees attached to withdrawing their money or if withdrawing money will restrict the gamblers future betting. It is also important to know what form these payments from the casino will take and how long it will take to receive the payment. For example, if you deposited money from your Mastercard will your payment be in the form of a credit back to your Mastercard, a payment to your bank account or a check from the casino. It is up to you, as the person whose money it is, to decide how long you are willing to wait for your money and what forms of payment you are willing to accept. By using the listings on, you can find out what methods and terms of payment the individual casinos are offering and further refine your list of possible online casinos at which you might gamble.

It is also very important to mention here, that the gambler should investigate what type of protection and security is used to protect your online transactions and your account. The gambler should always make sure the casino guarantees the safety of your balance and uses an accepted method of encryption to protect all online transactions. The casino should not be sharing your personal or financial data with anyone else. Personal privacy especially important in the online world.

What are the rules

Every online casino has rules governing all aspects of their operations. Some of these rules are applied by the gambling jurisdiction, some by the bank and/or credit processing service used by the casino, some rules are from the standard rules of a particular game and some of the rules are written by the casino itself. The rules for an online casino the gambler is considering should be published on the casinos website and be easily accessible. They should be clear, concise and easy to read without a ton of legal mumbo jumbo. Compare the rules of the Online casinos you are considering and further refine your list. Make sure you are satisfied that the casino you will be gambling at is treating you in a fair and transparent manner and that there are no hidden, surprise rules that will come back to haunt you later. Of course, be sure to read the user comments to help you weed out the bad casinos.

Support me, please

So here you are. You have now refined your list of online casinos and are wondering what comes next. Well folks, the answer is Support. Do the online casinos you are considering offer support for any problems or issues may you may have while gambling with their casino and is the support easily accessible and available 24/7. Ideally, an online casino should offer around the clock, live support by telephone and/or online live chat. Casinos that only offer email support, casinos that only offer call back support or casinos that have the gaul to try to charge you for support should all be avoided. Casinos should be pleasant and prompt with their support and should never penalize the gambler for making a support claim. If a casino threatens to close your account for filing a claim with their support department, you should withdraw all your funds, then file the support claim and contact their gaming jurisdiction. You should also post a comment about any negative support issues on

Ok then; Summing it all up

Being a conscientious and through person, you have done your homework. You have checked out the companies that own the casinos and verified the gaming jurisdictions of the casinos; you have found the casinos with the most exciting games and software and found the casinos that offer the best bonuses. You verified their payment and deposit methods and terms and double checked all the casinos rules. You made sure the casinos offer solid support. You backed up your research by using all the resources offered to you at and now you have your final list of potential online casinos at which you would like to gamble. Now is the time to get out there and have some fun. Try the different casinos on your short list, play the games you enjoy and use play money first. If you wish, even take notes and post comments for further feedback on Ultimately, which casino or casinos you make your regular and favorite online gambling choices, will be up to you to decide upon but by taking the time to do some research and making use of all the tools available to you at, the choices will be safer and easier. So get online, choose your favorite casinos, bet within your limits and have some fun in the wonderful world of online gambling.

Finally, please feel free to share your experiences with online casinos and about online gambling with your fellow users. By posting comments, other users will be able to make better choices as well and you will be contributing to the well being of our gambling community. The more we can compliment the good casinos and let others know about the bad casinos, the more fun and excitement we will all be able to enjoy.

Choosing the right online casino
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